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Here at i2v, we've built our agency around the principles of integrity and respect for one simple reason: that's what clients need most from us. We understand that when a client reaches out to us, they're doing more than purchasing a service; they're developing a relationship with us. And all good, lasting relationships need to be built with both integrity and respect, strong communication and trust.

Our mission is simple: we want to give our clients the peace of mind they need to concentrate on what's most important them... and let us take care of their digital world

Established in 2004...
Over the past ten years, we have forged crucial partnerships and continually honed our skill sets, expanding our areas of expertise to better serve our clients. We've put together creative, dynamic teams with motivated developers, forged working relationships with development centers in Eastern Europe and Asia, and made sure to stay on top of all new industry technologies and developments.

We know the industry...

thanks to our founders' 30 years combined experience in the field, we understand that providing digital and IT solutions goes beyond computer science. It requires an understanding in business processes; it requires strong analytical skills to dissect and fully understand requirements; it requires knowledge of where the industry and markets are headed; it requires aligning the right technology to requirements. That's how we make sure our clients' expectations are adequately and successfully managed. In other words, we measure twice, and cut once.

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