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Leadership - Our Cofounders at i2v

Mike Dimirjian

i2v counfounder and managing director, is a seasoned IT professional with over 16 years of experience. He brought more than his astute understanding of IT to i2v; he also helped make sure that we followed the best business practices and processes. By trade, he's a Project Manager and Systems Architect, making sure that i2v clients not only get the best solutions in the industry, but also are kept abreast of their projects, and know what to expect.

It was Mike's passion for the web, and the benefits it brings all of us that attracted him to computer science, but it's his belief in processes that helped establish him in the industry. He's continuously improving i2v to better serve our customer base, looking at our processes, resources, and any other areas where he thinks we could do better.
Others describe Mike as both respectful and fair, not only to his clients, but also to his colleagues. The web really has been his passion for the last decade, and through i2v, he's able to share it with the world.

Vahé Zambakdjian

i2v cofounder, Vahé had brought with him over 15 years of experience in the IT world. Like Mike he had a deep understanding of both business and IT, giving him a powerful perspective as a technology strategist.
Passion for technology in general, but especially how it can benefit the business world, is what attracted Vahé to computer science. Here at i2v, it's that passion that helped him analyze how technology can best benefit i2v clients. A strong believer in the "customer for life" philosophy, he put a strong emphasis on i2v's customer service, always pushing for us to improve.

Vahé was the one responsible for the successful creation and the delivery of i2v's products and frameworks to the marketplace, both leading and overseeing our technical team. His drive is fitting the right solution to the right problem, starting by finding out what the problem actually is. Others describe him as trustworthy and a hard worker, and according to him, his biggest talents are his creativity and agility.

Our cofounders put together their complementary skill sets, allowing i2v to cover everything you need from someone handling your IT/IS. 

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