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Mozy Cloud Backups - Your Peace of Mind with i2v

Proud Mozy partners! We've implemented Mozy cloud backups on countless environments; let us help you find peace of mind!

The most important asset of any business today is its data -- so it's imperative that they take ever precaution possible to protect it. A vital part of that, is making sure that they have a reliable and dependable backup system in place, so they can safeguard this information. As a business grows, though, so does its data, sometimes making it very expensive to keep a secure and reliable solution cost-effective.

Luckily, the cloud has emerged as the answer to this problem. Secure, reliable, and cost-effective, cloud backups offer businesses advantages that they can't afford to turn down. Storing on the cloud, companies can recover their lost data instantly, rather than having to go find the files on physical storage. It also allows businesses to better automate their system, requiring less manual labor and reducing the chances of it being forgotten.

Cloud backups really are smart IT, which is why i2v has teamed up with Mozy. We can provide any of Mozy's services to our customers, as well as setting up, configuring, and maintaining the service.

When you choose i2v to handle your cloud backups, you're choosing peace of mind.


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