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Customer Relationship Management - SugarCRM at i2V

Customer Relationship Management systems used to be solely in the domain of multi-million dollar companies -- until SugarCRM


Starting as a humble Open Source project with big ideas, SugarCRM quickly became one of the best systems on the market, at an unbeatable price. SugarCRM helped more people recognize that not only was the Open Source model viable, but that it had matured to the point where it could be used to deliver a fast, flexible, feature-rich product to companies all over the world.

In order to reach as many companies as possible, SugarCRM offers multiple packages:

Community Edition
Community Edition is a free version of SugarCRM that is a great way for business owners to get comfortable with the system.

Professional Edition
Professional Edition includes all of the benefits companies get with Community Edition, but also adds in storage, more automated features, and more powerful reporting. This is the most common version for companies between 5 and 50 users.

Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition offers more scalability than other versions of SugarCRM, making it more suitable for large enterprises. On top of all the features of Professional Edition, Enterprise also offers better native reporting, a customer self-service portal, and more powerful forecasting.

i2v can help your company set up, install, and host any version of SugarCRM, and get it working the way you need it. We also offer training and support, tailored to your company's specific requirements. 


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