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Maintain businss processes with our application maintenance plans - i2v

We understand that maintaining our applications are paramount to their success and we will help you adequately maintain yours!


It is not enough to have a piece of software that works. It's imperative to have a piece of software that continues to work. The last thing any company wants to deal with is finding that after an update, a crucial piece of automation stops working.

That's why here at i2v, we provide plans and a road map for all the products we've developed, including custom applications. We understand that not only can it severely disrupt business operations to have a piece of software go out of date, but that regular updates are part of keeping competitive in the modern world.


Our application maintenance allows our customers to stay on top of their game, and always head of technology trends in their industries. When you choose an i2v solution, you have more than a patch -- you have automation for time to come.


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