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Companies whose products are sold and displayed offsite often have difficulty making sure their products are being displayed properly, as well as keeping accurate counts of inventory. In order to help them capture the true state of their assets, i2v created Asset Checklist.

By using image recognition algorithms, company auditors can quickly and easily figure out if a display complies with conformity and quality standards. These captured images can also be reviewed by backoffice in real time, allowing for much more efficient auditing.

However, Asset Checklist goes even further -- product representatives and auditors can use it to record inventory levels and even document competitive products. Highly visual, Asset Checklist gives manufacturers and brokers a user-friendly tool that both eliminates manual data entry and streamlines the verification process.

Asset Checklist helps companies:

  • Quickly capture the count of their assets or products at a customer's site
  • Do all of this using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera
  • Easily document any competitors and their products and assets
  • Add informative comments to describe the visit
  • ...and more!

Standardizing these processes can greatly boost your efficiency. If your company needs to maintain strict quality control of their displays or work, contact us today, so we can show you how Asset Checklist will benefit your business.


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