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CDI reports tool - Reporting of Dairy Ingredients made easy

Our robust Canadian Dairy Ingredients Reports™ tool is designed to make recipe management and periodical reporting of dairy ingredients to the Canadian Dairy Commission easy. This user-friendly but powerful software is the perfect add-on to any ERP or accounting system for Special Milk Class Permit Holders, managing, reporting, and auditing a manufacturers' or distributors' monthly dairy ingredients usage. However, the features of CDI Reports™ go far beyond recipe management and ingredient purchasing, with detailed, automated reporting and intelligent data.

CDI Reports™ Benefits:

  • Declares and maintains vital CDC functions
  • Handle management, reporting, and auditing of dairy ingredients automatically
  • Easily view and resolve any discrepancies
  • Eliminates false reporting, with powerful, accurate reports
  • Cuts back heavily on time spent doing manual data gathering and reporting
  • Scalable architecture and modules, supporting businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global enterprises

Key Features:

  • Easy recipe and purchases management
  • Detailed reports for sales & P/O, recipes, audits, inventory, and diary ingredients usage
  • Smart, automatic compilation of reported data

CDI Reports™ can help any Special Milk Class Permit Holders reduce their administrative costs, minimize their paper burdens, eliminate human error and false reporting, and speed up transactions. Minimal user interaction is needed to submit accurate reports that comply with CDC formats on time, with flexible communication methods. CDI Reports™ is build to easily integrate with existing systems and is highly customizable, helping it match every business' needs.

If you are a Special Milk Class Permit Holder and want to reduce your overhead while increasing compliance, contact us, and we'll show you how CDI Reports™ can save your company time and money. As the Canadian Dairy Commission itself says, "The CDC's Information Technology (IT) group along with several Special Milk Class Permit Program agents have tested the software and feel it could be very beneficial for permit holders."

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