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OPPMS Framework - Control Production Runs with i2V Product

Specifically designed for small and mid-sized manufacturers, our OPPMS framework allows for better control of production runs. It also provides the necessary tools to help manufacturers make their operations more efficient by refining and directing their flow of processes. Our OPPMS Framework is an elegantly simple solution for all the complicated processes manufacturers deal with daily.

OPPMS can help manufacturers:

  • Handle product specifications
  • Use dynamic units of measure
  • Enter sale orders
  • Deal with purchasing and word order entry
  • Tackle production and packaging paperwork
  • Easily manage labeling
  • And more!

Because we understand that every business has unique needs, and therefore uses their own mix of software, OPPMS is an extremely simple framework that can be tailored to fit within virtually any production process. Its architecture is based off an open platform framework with high flexibility, meaning it can be easily changed or enhanced, and it is a cloud ready application.

In a nutshell, what OPPMS does is simplify and standardize your manufacturing process, reducing manual labor time, cutting back on inefficiencies, and provides you with consistent results. If you want more info on how OPPMS can help your manufacturing company, contact us for an estimate today.


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