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Quicksale - Making Sales is Now Easier with this i2v Product

When sales representatives are on the road, they need to be able to quickly capture their orders and send them for fulfillment without any double entries or mistakes. But when a sales representative is putting most of their focus on entering and submitting their orders, it distracts them from what should be their top priority -- making sales.

That's why we built QuickSale. QuickSale has two pieces: a mobile order capturing tool, and a forecasting system that automatically integrates with your current ERP or accounting system. The user-friendly mobile order capturing tool can run on any smartphone, tablet, or PC, and helps sales representatives draw their focus back to their leads.

The forecasting tool allows companies to easily replenish their inventory and keep from running low on stock. The replenishment path is highly configurable, allowing it to be customized to any company's needs, and alerts and thresholds are set up dynamically, so orders are always fill correctly, and arrive on time.

QuickSale can help companies with...

  • Mobile sales order capturing
  • Real-time inventory level queries
  • Inventory forecasts and replenishment
  • Automated low stock alerts
  • ...and much more!

A cloud ready application, QuickSale can give your sales representatives the peace of mind they need to close the deal -- while helping you keep better track of your inventory. If you want more information about how QuickSale can help your company, contact us today.


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