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Maintain Good Traffic with the Online Marketing Strategies i2V provides

We provide and implement online marketing strategies that will help drive and maintain qualified traffic to your site!


Inbound marketing is integral to the success of any of your marketing efforts. Gone are the days of high cost outbound marketing such as cold calls and in are the days of low cost customer engagement channels such as social media, blogs, and emails. Information on your target audience is freely available at your fingertips, and we can help you reach out, engage, convert, and measure them.

SEO is an integral part of marketing your website and services to your audience. You've invested top dollar on your website, but if your potential customers can't find you, then they're off to your competitor. A well-handled SEO process consists of on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO consists of optimizing the website for search engines, whereas off-site SEO consists mainly of backlinks that help identify the popularity and ranking of your website. Both of these need to work in combination for a fruitful campaign.

What we provide as SEO services:

  • Keyword/keyphrase research
  • URL structure optimization
  • Title and meta tag optimization
  • Internal and external link building
  • Content creation
  • Landing page creation
  • Sitemap


Proper creation and management of your social media pages are essential in establishing and re-enforcing your brand. Chances are, your potential customer can be found in all or any of the combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin, and we can help you find and engage them through incentive and loyalty programs to help your long term growth.


Any successful marketer will tell you that analytics are an integral part of a marketing process. Data about your inbound traffic needs to be carefully studied in order to set the path to the next phase of your plan. Unless, of course, you have a bottomless pit of funds and you don't care about the efficiency of your investments. We can help you properly setup analytics tools such as Google Analytics that will help measure all you need to know about the traction you're getting on your website, and how to improve your conversions.



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